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 o*add_rel_ops.hppAuto-generation of relational operators
 o*algorithm.hppMiscellaneous algorithms
 o*argumentvector.hppGenerate argc/argv groups
 o*attributes.hppGeneral attributes API
 o*circular_array.hppImplementation of a circular array
 o*containerutil.hppMiscellaneous utilities related to containers
 o*convert.hppConvert strings to other types
 o*daemonize.hppSafely daemonize a program
 o*error.hppMiscellaneous algorithms related to error handling
 o*iterator.hppBase classes to easily generate custom iterators
 o*memory.hppMiscellaneous algorithms related to memory
 o*programoptions.hppCommand line argument (program option) parsing
 o*raii.hppResource Acquisition Is Initialization
 o*rtti.hppRun Time Type Information
 o*sequentialmap.hppMap implementation that maintains the order of insertion
 o*stringutil.hppMiscellaneous algorithms related to strings
 o*substring.hppWrite-through substring
 o*timeutil.hppMiscellaneous algorithms related to time_point and duration objects
 o*tokenizer.hppToken (separator) based splitting of strings
 o*uuid.hppUUID generation and handling