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C++ general utilities
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oNkssAll Klassen Software Solutions libraries begin with this namespace
|\NutilGeneral utility methods that don't fit into any of the other categories
| oNcontainersContainers and items related to containers
| |oCCircularArrayAlmost contiguous array referenced in a circular manner
| |\CSequentialMapCombination of a list and a map
| | \Cvalue_compare
| oNiteratorsClasses used to help build custom iterators
| |oCForwardIteratorBase implementation of a forward iterator
| |oCRandomAccessIteratorBase implementation of a random access iterator
| |oCConstRandomAccessIteratorBase implementation of a const version of a random access iterator
| |\CCopyRandomAccessIteratorBase implementation of a random access iterator that generate elements as needed
| oNmemoryItems related to dealing with memory, in particular the destruction of objects
| |\CNullDeleteSimilar to std::default_delete but does not actually do anything
| oNpoProgram options (i.e. command line arguments)
| |oCArgumentVectorCreates argc/argv type groups based on lists of strings
| |oCOption
| |\CProgramOptionsCommand line argument parsing
| oNprocessItems related to processes
| oNrttiRun time type information, such as name demangling and type identification
| oNstringsItems related to string handling
| |oCSubStringWrite-through substring
| |\CTokenizerContainer like access to a string separated by tokens
| oNtimeItems related to parsing, formatting, and manipulating time_point and duration objects
| oCAddRelOpsAdd the operators !=, <=, > and >= assuming the existance of == and <
| oCAttributesAdds an attribures API to subclasses
| oCRAIIImplementation of the RAII pattern
| oCFinallyImplementation of a "finally" block
| \CUUIDC++ wrapper around the uuid_t type