KSS Contract
C++ program by contract utilities
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contract.hpp File Reference
#include <initializer_list>
#include <string>

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#define KSS_EXPR(expr)   kss::contract::_private::Expression {(expr), #expr, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __FILE__, __LINE__}


void kss::contract::parameters (std::initializer_list< _private::Expression > exps)
void kss::contract::preconditions (std::initializer_list< _private::Expression > exps)
void kss::contract::conditions (std::initializer_list< _private::Expression > exps)
void kss::contract::postconditions (std::initializer_list< _private::Expression > exps)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define KSS_EXPR (   expr)    kss::contract::_private::Expression {(expr), #expr, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __FILE__, __LINE__}

This macro is used to create the Expression objects used as inputs to the condition checking methods of this library.

Definition at line 52 of file contract.hpp.